Monday, February 8, 2010

Architecture AntiPatterns: Pattern #3 - Throwing Out the Baby with the Bath Water

AntiPattern Name: Throwing Out the Baby with the Bath Water
General Form:
A new idea, technology or process comes along and everyone jumps on the bandwagon forgetting the fundamental principles developed previously.  
Symptoms and Consequences:
  • Lots of external and internal “marketware” describing the benefits of the new approach but often with very little substance behind them.
  • People being encouraged to go on education, join working groups etc where the new approach is described.
  • Skills in “legacy” technology become difficult to find as everyone is now tained in the new approach 
Refactored Solution:
  • Ensure fundamentals are captured as principles and approaches in existing methods and processes.
  • Reinforce through training and good governance.
  • Take care when/how to adopt the new approach.
See Pattern #2